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Golf Karts New Zealand

This site is your official source of original parts, components and accessories for the "push pull" Kean Kart range and Ekart, Ranger powered models.

Golf Karts (NZ) is a wholly owned and operated NZ company dedicated to carrying inventory, servicing and technical support for all kean kart ranges including the "Adjustable", "Fairway", "Foursome" and "Fixed Bag" models.

Further, the collaboration with our international partners, bring to you complimentary product suitable for our golf courses and meeting our own exacting product quality standards, that comply with the reliability and durability we are recognised for.

The all new Endurino powered buggy is a continuation of that reliability, durability statement and the close working relationship we have with our Lithium battery manufacturer, to bring you the new advancements in LiFePO4 battery power pack technology.

Our team is in continual research and development mode and will endeavour to bring you product that enhances the ability to enjoy the game we all love.

We trust you will find the site helpful and meeting your golfing needs.

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Ekart is Proudly 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated. New Zealand Owned