LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries and Chargers

Lithium Energy by E-Kart bring you the very latest in LiFePO4 golf battery technology. Offering greater cycle life than lead acid batteries, reducing charging times approximately 30%, with more environmentally friendly characteristics than Lead acid. These lithium batteries in16Ah & 22Ah versions with 4Ah smart LED chargers, capable of 18 and 36 hole golf respectively will bring to life older powered units from any of the leading manufacturers with weight reductions of over 70%, producing cleaner energy. Enclosed in a protective neoprene carry case, with versatile "T" bar connection system and quick connect "Torp" connectors. A 24 month factory backed warranty with helpful operating and maintenance guide.

  • LiFePO4 12V 22Ah Lithium golf trundler Battery & 4 LED Smart charger

    LiFePO4 12V 22Ah Lithium golf trundler Battery & 4 LED Smart charger


    Product details

    New LiFePO4 Lithium Technology

    Provides enhanced performance in older trundlers from any leading brand

    Weighs only 2.9kg

    By reducing the weight some 75% with LiFEPO4 versus traditional lead acid batteries you reduce the stress on all components and therefore adding longevity to your unit

    Has greater cycle life than lead acid batteries

    Chargers approx. 30% faster than lead acid chargers

    Complete with protective carry case

    4 LED LiFePO4 Smart charger

    Convenient "T" bar battery connector with "torp" black/red quick connect fittings

    Can be accommodated in all Buggy brands where "torp" (black/red) connectors are used or in the case of Powakaddy, the originally installed "T" bar battery connection will fit into our battery connection modul

    Note+ No other charger than the LiFePO4 charger should ever be used with the battery

    Freight free north & south island

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