Endurino By Ekart

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  • Model: EL16 Endurino Lithium 16 A/H

    Model: EL16 Endurino Lithium 16 A/H


    Product details

    Model: EL16

    The Endurino Lithium 16 is a 18 hole capable unit

    All terrain, any golf course capable

    Incorporates a Lithium 16 A/h LiFePO4 battery & 1 LED charger

    Finger tip directional & speed control

    Removable seat bracket & soft all weather cushioned seat with accessories compartment

    Convenient card & ball holder

    Wide all weather tyres with quick release wheel removal system

    Driven with a whisper quiet 180 watt motor

    Robust but light mild steel black frame construction built to ISO 9001 standard

    ESP - (electronic safety protection) digital current cut off system to protect motor & electronics

    Quick simple 2 movement frame folding system

    24 month fully factory backed warranty

    Dimensions: 71x53x29.5 cm  weight: approx 9kgs

    Model designation: Ideal for 9-18 hole regular club golf

    Freight free north & south island


Ekart is Proudly 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated. New Zealand Owned